A dental cleaning and polishing can eliminate many extrinsic stains from foods and drinks.  However, more intrinsic discoloration requires the use of bleaching agents to achieve whiter teeth.  We always need to perform an examination prior to bleaching to ensure that you are a candidate.  It is important to make sure that there are no dental issues that need resolved prior to whitening.

Microabrasion is another technique that can often eliminate or decrease the appearance of brown stain that cannot be removed by conventional bleaching.

Bleaching Solutions

Our practice offers a range of options for whitening.  We will recommend varying concentrations of carbamide peroxide gels depending on the amount of color change we hope to achieve.  We typically recommend custom trays and take home dispensing gels.  These products have the most predictable long term results and give us the most flexibility in personalizing whitening treatment.  Experience the confidence of a whiter smile.