Dazzling Smiles for the Entire Family

Here at Ankeny Dental Associates, we give your teeth their well-deserved attention to create dazzling smiles that will last  a long time. We work with the best interests of all patients—putting you and your family’s needs as our number one priority. We make efforts to deliver high quality dental care the moment you step into our office. As a premier provider of standard dental treatments, our practice will assist everyone in your family to maintain healthy and beautiful smiles.

Personalized Dental Treatments

You are in good hands once you enter our office. We work with well-trained and experienced dentists – Dr. Zackary Dow, Dr. Gregory McCullough, and Dr. Brian Miller – to present solutions for all your dental problems. Our resident dentists can provide insightful knowledge about the latest techniques in the field, helping you make well-informed decisions for your oral health. They take time analyzing your condition to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for your case. We also offer a comprehensive dental examination to design specialized treatments for all patients. We will also discuss each treatment option carefully and extensively for your assurance.

Our dentist may help solve the following dental problems:

– Missing teeth

– Misalignment/Malocclusion

– Ill-Fitting Restorations

– Stained Teeth

Comfortable and Convenient Visits

We make sure all patients are comfortable the moment they enter our office. We’ve taken extra efforts to furnish our office with plush seating and vibrant interior layouts to make you feel at ease. Our staff members are also ready to help with all your concerns—they will work on the most convenient time for your appointments so as not to disrupt your routines. We also take pride in having the latest tools in our family friendly office, allowing us to administer treatments safely and more conveniently.

Set Your Appointment

Call our office today if you or any family member needs high quality dental care. We will be more than glad to present treatment options for your condition.